Adult Language Program

Open to everyone and all levels!

We are currently accepting enrollments for the Adult Language Program! The program will be taught by a teacher that is either a native speaker or has achieved native fluency in the language that will be taught. Participants will use a combination of the best publications on the market as well as original materials created in-house. You' ll be offered a closer look into the Czech and/or Slovak culture. Language Art skills will be thoroughly practiced during the course with an emphasis on verbal communication covering everyday situations.


Learning setting: on Saturdays from 1:00 – 2:30pm starting in the fall of 2019. Exact date will be determined.


Class duration: 90min


Price: $240 per 8 weeks. Upon registration, the amount is not refundable.


Based on the amount of registered applicants, it will be determined if the course will launch.


Please sign up below before the end of August if you are interested!

What is needed:

  • Online Registration Form
  • Minimum amount of participants to open the is 4 per class.
  • For all related questions use in this format: Adult Language Classes, Name and Language.


Adult Language Program Registration form