Adult Language Program

Open to everyone and all levels!

We are currently accepting enrollments for the Adult Language Program! The program will be taught by a teacher that is either a native speaker or has achieved native fluency in the language that will be taught. Participants will use a combination of the best publications on the market as well as original materials created in-house. You' ll be offered a closer look into the Czech and/or Slovak culture. Language Art skills will be thoroughly practiced during the course with an emphasis on verbal communication covering everyday situations.

Course level:

Learning setting: Czech and Slovak in-person classes will take a place on Saturdays at 1pm on premises of the Bohemian Hall, 29-19 24th Avenue, in Astoria

Class duration: 90 min. Classes will begin on October 14th if enough registrants found interested.

Registration: Please fill out the registration form here if you are interested.

Price: $325 per 8 week session. Please fill out this form and follow the instructions on it for payment. Upon payment, the amount is non-refundable unless there are not enough registrants to fill the class.

For all related questions please contact us at using this subject line: Adult Language Classes, Name, Language